Saturday, August 9, 2008

First Amendment

Okay, so I was thinking about goal #97 - "score a hole-in-one at a mini golf course", and I've decided to delete that one and replace it with "become a vegetarian" because, well, I'm just not that crazy about mini golf, and I think eating pigs is unethical and kind of gross. Also, it just seems like a more worthwhile pursuit.

Incidentally, it seems Herman Melville may have been a PETA supporter had he lived today. In the chapter entitled "The Whale as a Dish," the narrator suggests that anyone who thinks cannibalism is immoral might want to re-think their own flesh-eating habits before throwing stones:

"Go to the meat-market of a Saturday night and see the crowds of live bipeds staring up at the long rows of dead quadrupeds. Does not that sight take a tooth out of the cannibal's jaw? ... Who is not a cannibal? I tell you it will be more tolerable for the Fejee that salted down a lean missionary in his cellar against a coming famine... than for thee, civilised and enlightened gourmand, who nailest geese to the ground and feastest on their bloated livers in thy pate-de-fois-gras." [415]

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