Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blurry Photos

Well, I am no Annie Leibovitz.

Supposed to take pictures for my job, and most of the ones I've been taking recently have been in darkly lit clubs and halls and I've no idea what the heck I'm doing wrong. You can't print blurry pictures in the paper.

There's ISO, shutter speed, aperture, etc. to worry about, and I can't use flash because that looks like someone's great aunt took the shot while drunk, but why the hell do they have to make D-SLR cameras so damn complicated? I need a little happy snap. Or some tutoring. Or lots of time and patience to spend playing around with the work camera on my time off (what time off?) to figure it out. If only I could just take pictures of old people sitting on park benches in the sun. Anyone can make those shots look good.

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