Sunday, January 31, 2010

One fifth of a scarf

The scarf is taking longer than I'd expected, and is about a foot long and a foot wide. I don't quite know what happened, and I had to re-start the whole thing several times. But at this point, I don't want to turn back yet again, so it's just going to be a wide scarf. And perhaps not all that long. I would have thought sixty stitches would be a decent width, but it turns out wool magically gets bigger or something. Oh well. So far, there are only two small holes. And a couple of other parts on the side that look like mice have been nibbling at it. At least the colour is really great. Kind of a mango/melon sort of sunrise hue.

Still don't know how grandmothers produce one toque per episode of Oprah. How do they knit without looking? Tried that. Didn't work. Also, I forgot how to do purl, so the whole thing has been done in plain stitch. I'll look up a YouTube video tutorial or something to figure out the other one and maybe do the middle stretch in another stitch just to mix it up a bit. Or maybe not. Better to get this done before summer so I'll be able to actually wear the thing.

Anyway, that's the update with the knitting. Still can't juggle though. And I've been practicing.

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