Sunday, May 30, 2010

10 km PR - 58:31

The thing about pain is that once it stops you can't remember what it feels like.
So, as much as I KNOW the last 2 km of the 10 km race I did this morning were nausea-inducing and made my quads feel like lead, I WILL do another one.

I overslept, ate a fried egg for breakfast about half an hour before the race, didn't have anything to drink, and ran it in 58:31, which is my best time for a 10 km.

The Abbotsford Run For Water is a good course, despite the hills, and they give out great medals and dry weave T-shirts. Having not run for the past two weeks (hurt my back a couple weekends ago, making the bed of all things!)I figured I would just walk every 10 minutes or so... but taking it easy for the first six kilometres was obviously the best thing to do because I finished in under an hour! Definitely didn't expect to finish only one minute behind my friend Mike, who is about a foot taller than me and has a hundred pounds on me. Hurray! I feel awesome!

Stretching a lot more post-race would probably have been a good idea, but we were just too excited and hungry and wanted to get to Milestones to celebrate. Probably going to regret that tomorrow, but for now, the memory of heavy legs, laboured breathing and a stomach-churning sprint to the finish has all but evaporated.

I can't wait to do another run! Perhaps the 10 km in Merritt, or an 8 km in July.

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