Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 2 at The Den (Hill Training)

Hill training tonight after work with the running clinic. About 60 of us (half and full-marathoners) flocked to a nearby undulating residential area for a strength/cardio workout. It was half an hour that felt much, much longer. Plus, we ran all the way back to the store afterwards. Which included yet another hill.

The circuit was four separate steep streets that we ran up and walked back down four times each. It was hard. Lactic acid is not something I usually deal with when I'm running. By the time I would get to the top of each hill, though, my legs were definitely done. And I was breathing hard. I did walk down each time instead of running, to save my knees. If anything is going to go during my training (knock on wood they won't) it'll be my finiky knees.

A good workout, and an especially delicious salmon dinner waiting for me when I got home; I'd say it went well. I saw Richard Mosley there, who was leading one of the two groups. I went to university with him, and he's a professional runner now (who would've thought you could GET paid to do this? I forked out $134 for the clinic!) who recently came in ninth place in a California marathon. His time was a ridiculous 2:19. I'd be happy to double that time. Very happy.

So I'm almost a week into training, and I can see already how it's going to become my life outside of work. I can't imagine what my life will be like when I train for a full marathon. I'll be dreaming of running. Literally.

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