Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birch Bay 15 km

Ran the Birch Bay 15k road race in Washington today -- 1:25:04. Pretty happy with that time. I thought it would take me more like 1:40.

This road race is one I'd do again since it's fairly flat (except for a short, super steep uphill just before the finish (cruel), and they mark every km clearly so you can pace yourself.

The race goes along the road right around the bay and we had good weather. Sort of sunny, but cool. Also, the wait at the border this morning was not long because we got there before 7 a.m. -- my mom and sister-in-law, however, missed me at the finish because they got stuck at the border for over an hour!

Anyway, the first 5 km I ran in 29:11, the 10 km in 58:05, which I felt pretty good about. Those times are actually not too far off my PBs, which means if I'd been in either a 5 km or 10 km race I'd likely have broken a Personal Record.

I ran with a couple of girls from the Runner's Den clinic till the 11 km mark and then kicked into high gear and went solo for the final four. It was pretty hard, but really just a mental challenge more than a physical challenge. I did have enough juice left to sprint the final 100 m or so, so I felt like I finished strong.

I'm reading a book called Play by Stuart Brown, M.D., and in it he talks about running being a form of play. He theorizes there are six different running "personalities" in terms of how a runner plays at running. I think it's like, "Socializer," "Exerciser," "Competitor," "Just for the Fun of It," and one other. I am definitely the "Competitor." Knowing that I can beat my best time or push myself that much more is thrilling. And, I have to admit, another real thrill is the little giggle I have inside my head in the last 2 km in a race when I pass someone. "Hee hee, I'm beating you!" Feels awesome. Like I'm some kind of Olympic hero. I imagine the roar of the crowd as I turn into the stadium, Canadian fans jumping to their feet, a deafening roar of "Go, Canada!"as I sprint the final lap to take a medal for my country. Works every time.

Having done this race makes me feel now I definitely CAN do the half marathon in just over a month. It's just another 6 km than I did today. I have it in me. Oh, yes.

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