Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Big Sisters, Step 2

Had my 1.5 hour interview yesterday with a counsellor from Big Sisters. Felt like I was being grilled for a dating service. Actually, it wasn't bad at all, she just asked me all about my interests and ideas about childhood and why I want to be a Big Sister (so I can goof around and be silly with a kid and get browny points for being a "volunteer"!) and if I like bowling and if I've ever touched a child sexually. Whoa! What? Okay, I knew that question was bound to come up, but she just casually slipped it in there like she was asking if I wanted sugar in my coffee. Creepy. But necessary. Of course we then laughed about the fact that if anyone answered in the affirmative they'd be a little crazy for applying to the program to begin with.

Other than a couple of slightly uncomfortable questions (no one likes talking about pedophilia), we basically just had a good chat about what it means to be a Big Sister (a buddy, a mentor, definitely not a parent or a counsellor) and what I can expect from having a Little Sister. Fun! I'm looking forward to seeing the world again through the eyes of an eight-year old, and getting to do kid things I wouldn't think to do on my own, like swing on the monkey bars at a playground or do finger painting or baking cookies. I am a bit nervous to see who I'm matched with of, course. I've no idea what to expect, really. I hope she thinks I'm cool. Okay, who am I kidding? I just hope she has the same idea of fun as I do. I really don't want to have to spend three to four hours every week watching princess movies.

Training will be on May 2. After that, I'll wait to hear who I'm matched with and then will officially become a Big.

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