Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Run (2:15)

Running on the seawall (two laps) today, with the sun shining and all the pretty people out with their dogs and frisbees, was just great. I love being all sweaty and imagining people all impressed with me flying by at warp speed. "Did you see her?" I can almost hear them whisper loudly, "Look at her go!"

These Sunday long runs I pretty much just do a fast jog, but I like to imagine it's so much more than that. Feel like a hero.

The first hour was cake, the second hour was just painful. This is only the second time I've run for this amount of time (besides the half-marathon) and found the muscles in my legs ache as soon as I stop. It's weird. I don't know if I'm missing some vitamin or mineral or something. Maybe I need to eat more bananas. Also, the giant blister under my left arch is really gross and annoying. I'd post a picture but no one wants to see that.

After today's run I went out for a steak dinner with a friend and we had frosty beer and watched the Canadian women's soccer team play Germany in the World Cup. What an awesome way to finish a good hard run.


jessica said...

A gross blister? Hell yes I wanna see it! :P It must be great to have an outlet like that. I'm starting to regret selling my bike because I'd really like to do something outdoorsy this summer that I do continually and bike riding is something that Nate can do with me since he has a bike as well. Anyway, at this point all I can really do is walk, which is okay too. It's still exercise and gets me outside, right?

marelle said...

Biking is great. AND it's good cross-training for marathon running. You should sign up for a running clinic, it's actually pretty fun!