Monday, June 13, 2011

Registered for Marathon

Well, today I paid $102 for this year's Royal Victoria Marathon, Sunday, Oct. 9. So I've got about four months to train. I've only been running three times in the last six weeks, so I'm going to have to step it up, and fast. My brother says he'll train with me, so I've got a running buddy for the longer runs. I've never run for more than two hours at a stretch, and I can imagine it might be more the boredom than the physical effort that would wear me down. Plus, it's just nice to run with someone every now and then.

I took my orthotics in to Kintec Footlabs this afternoon to get them refurbished (getting kinda worn out over the last few years of running) and I'm going to get new runners next month. I might get myself a nice water bottle belt, but I'm not sure I really need it. Other than that, it's just a matter of pounding the pavement and eating and sleeping more. I know a marathon is a hell of a lot of time and pain, but I think I'm as ready to takle the "Everest of running" as I'll ever be. One step at a time.

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