Monday, July 11, 2011

Juggling Lesson

Well, I've been to circus school now, and had an impromptu lesson from a certified juggling instructor. Check out the video I made for the Live@YVR contest:

Juggling is something people learn to do either a) because they're coordinated, or b) they're obsessive enough to lock themselves in their room for hours, days, weeks at a time to learn a new skill. I don't seem to possess either trait, so it may be a while before I can truly say I can keep three balls in the air. I plateaued about two years ago when I got to the point of being able to do three rotations. I might just have to sign up for a few lessons with the juggling master at the Vancouver Circus School. Who knows, I just might learn how to ride a unicycle and walk a tightrope while I'm there.

They say spatial awareness is the sixth sense, and it's the one that makes you truly old when you lose it. Maybe that's the secret. Forget Oil of Olay. If you want to stay young, join the circus.

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