Sunday, July 24, 2011

Long Run (1:15)

Met my brother at Burnaby Lake this morning for a run around the trails. It was a good, fast run. I was kind of annoyed he wanted to stop midway for a banana, but then, that's what having a running buddy is all about. Compromising. I stop all the time to pee, so I guess it's only fair. It was hot (we both had slept in and ended up running until around noon) but I had water with me this time. Granted, it was warm, but it went down smooth.

Next Sunday the schedule calls for a three-hour run. Mother of Pearl. I've never run that long ever. Not even close. The longest was 2:15 and that made me feel like a war hero. I half expected someone to hand me a medal when I got back to my car at Stanley Park. Nope. If they were staring it wasn't out of admiration but probably concern for my blotchy purple complexion and pained facial expressions. I don't know how I'm going to get through three hours. And my brother's going to be in Chicago, so it's just me and my own thoughts. Maybe I'll download a book on tape. Maybe War & Peace.

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