Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Long Route

Well, I didn't get into the Douglas College Self-Employment program, thus I won't be getting the formal training or $300 week funding support to start my sole proprietorship, but y'know, that's okay. I'm pretty zen about it. I'm going to go it alone, figure it out and make it happen. It'll take longer, no doubt, but this way I can make it my own thing.

I'm planning to call it Rogue Wave Communications ("Stand out. Be phonemenal.") I checked to make sure no one's using that name in B.C. so I'm good to go. First step is to register the name and figure out to create a website. The big question right now is, how the hell do I do that?

I'm going to do some Internet research and maybe YouTube will help me out. For learning HTML I know is a help. But do I really need to know coding to create a business site? Being the anti-tech person (barely know how to use an iPod), this is going to be a real challenge...

But I've decided, sink or swim, I'm going to start the new year with a new business. We should all think of ourselves as self-employed anyway, regardless of who writes our paycheck.

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