Sunday, December 4, 2011


The Book of Revelation doesn't make sense unless you've just done a lot of drugs. I think most theologians would agree with me on this one. 

The whole 22-chapter saga, written by John (as in the fourth gospel and letters from John) is some kind of weird tale of seven-headed dragons, vengeful angels pouring blood into the sea, earthquakes and storms, the four horsement of the apocalypse and, let's not forget the Antichrist, who's number, we are told, is 666. Why? Who cares? None of this makes any sense! Mother of Pearl, this one's effed up. Finishing the bible with this book makes me wish it wasn't in the bible, I have to be honest, because the books leading up to this one are historical, genuine, heartfelt, and make so much sense for what it means to follow Jesus. The gospels, Corinthians, James, even the Old Testament stuff, like Ruth, Job, Psalms, and the lovely Ecclesiastes are somehow overshadowed by this embarrassingly violent, kaleidoscopic mix of visions at the end.

The really strange and interesting thing about Revelation is that John writes in the first person, with Jesus as the narrator, and Jesus says don't change a single word in this book, don't take one word out and don't ad any words at all. Leave it exactly as it is, or else...

Wow. Trippy.

From what I've learned through Bible for Idiot's and Cliffs Notes, if for nothing else, the book of Revelation is meant to remind Christians that Christ will be back, and will be ready to make a judgement about mankind, so be ready. In the end, the bad guys always lose and the good guys always win. 

The end... Or is it? 

"He wich testifieth these things saith, Surely I come quickly. Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus." -- Revelation 22:20

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