Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Well my disappointment about not being accepted into the Douglas College Self-Employment Program last month was premature. I'd forgotten that waiting for the government to do anything requires more patience than for just about anything else. The Ministry finally got back to my employment counsellor a couple of weeks ago to confirm I've been approved for the 48-week grant and the six-week course at the college. First day of classes was yesterday, and I've been thrown in the deep end!

First step: write a 30-page business plan (which includes seven pages of financials). Ugh. I'm way more interested in registering the name and doing fun marketing stuff like creating a Facebook page...

Anyway, I've got six more days of classes in the next two weeks and the first draft of the plan due Feb. 2; so lots to do between now and then. Like getting a new laptop. Mine has officially bit the dust. I'm excited about the prospect of a brand new MacBook Pro. Only problem is how to include Word and Excel, which I'll need for the course.

But problems can always be solved with some creativity. I'm stoked to be self-employed, and be able to write off all my receipts next year at tax time. And, of course, being my own boss. Okay, it's time for a coffee break. And go.

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