Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Setting (or revising) goals

Stumbled upon a post on this morning that talks about the most common mistake people make when setting goals. The trick is, according to the author, you've got to make it measurable. I've realized, after reviewing my bucket list, that many of my goals are kind of vaguely defined. Become fluent in French? Collect original art? How will I know when I can check these off and feel they've been accomplished?

Things like run a marathon, earn a Masters degree, and knit a scarf are clearly defined with a tangible goal that has either been met or not been met. I like to have goals that take a while to reach, because the harder it is, the better it feels to finally complete the journey. Going to a Canucks game is something I'd always wanted to do, but it in no way gave me a sense of accomplishment for having sat and watched some hockey players do their thing. It was fun, but it took no effort and really didn't teach me anything about the world or myself.

So, I may spend some time next month revising my list to reflect more concrete, measurable goals to have a better sense of exactly what it is I want to achieve with each one.

Hmn, now how to better define "earn a cool nickname"?

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