Saturday, June 22, 2013


The word "difficult" comes from the French word "facile," which means "easy." So, difficult just means "not easy" which is kind of awesome, because in English we tend to use a lot more hyperbole than most other languages do, especially French.

And if difficult is simply a matter of being "not easy" then it's like saying "not beautiful," which is not the same as saying "ugly," is it?

Difficult is therefore not impossible, it's just... not easy.


I love words. And today, I love climbing almost as much.

Great session with Rachel, a new climbing partner. We were at the gym from 11:30 this morning till after 4 p.m. – laps and trying hard stuff and bouldering and lots of sweating and laughing. I'm getting into more difficult 5.10 routes, including a couple of somewhat confusing 5.10c routes and attempting some scary 5.9 overhangs. I can feel myself pushing against the boundaries of a comfort zone that I've been in so long it's like the walls are made of... rock.


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