Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One week meat-free

So I've gone seven days now without meat. 

Yesterday for breakfast/lunch I had a piece of spice cake one of my housemates had made the other day, as well as a vegetable stir-fry another one of my housemates had left on the stove, possibly from the night before – carrots, broccoli and onion in some kind of soy sauce, I'm guessing. Both the stir-fry and the cake were pretty tasty and I was grateful to find ready-made food I didn't have to cook in the kitchen because my back was killing me and I didn't have the capacity or the will to stand at the stove to make myself anything to eat. 

For dinner, a friend surprised me by dropping by to take me to get falafel wraps, which we brought back to my place so I could lie in bed and eat. It was awesome, both the food and the lying down. 

Baba Ganoush with pita bread and falafel
Falafel wrap with tzatziki sauce and hummus. 
It's been pretty easy to avoid chicken, beef, lamb, pork, turkey and moose. Am I forgetting any other mammals that we regularly consume? I have had fish a couple of times (one was at a friend's place for dinner, which was healthy and delicious, and the other was take-out fish 'n chips, which was greasy deep-fried cod. Not very good or good for me.)         

The story behind the falafel restaurant is really cool. At its current location on Duckworth Street in downtown St. John's, Mohammad-Ali's Falafel Take-Out  has only been open for about two weeks, but when my friend and I were there at around 8 p.m. the place was pretty full because a) it's been operating out of another restaurant in off-hours (after midnight, serving the bar crowd) for the past few months, b) it's locally-owned and operated and c) I believe it's one of the few places in town that serves falafel and similar vegetarian options, which is awesome for me, being on this veggie journey. 

Check out this fun mini-doc about how it got started:

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