Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The only vegetarian in town

There is only one official vegetarian restaurant in St. John's, called The Sprout. Fortunately for me, it's fantastic. This is a town in which moose sausages and salted beef are common and plentiful, and in which meat-free pizza slices are only available by special request. So, yay for this vegetarian/vegan restaurant, where I had lunch the other day with a friend and didn't have to ask the waiter for the vegetarian options – that's all that was on the menu, and it was a long menu! 
We both had lentil burgers with blue cheese side salads that were to die for. 
As much as it is difficult to find vegetarian food when dining out here in St. John's (at least, compared to Vancouver, where no one bats an eye at vegans), I've been pleasantly surprised to find I'm definitely not the only vegetarian in town, and many people (in fact, most of the people I know) who eat meat/fish don't eat a lot of it anyway, and certainly don't have a problem with accommodating those of us who choose not to at, say, a potluck.

I still don't miss meat, but I still don't like cooking. I doubt this will change anytime soon. 

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