Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fitness Update

Started Convict Conditioning again today. Here's where I'm at:

vertical pulls – 2 x 40

wall push-ups – 2 x 20

half squats – 2 x 30 

short bridges – 2 x 20

knee tucks – 2 x 20

crow stand – 10 seconds 

Of course, I'm nowhere as fit as these guys...

...but no matter how matter how long it takes me to get in great shape, I know I'll never again take my physical fitness for granted. 

Seriously, as awful as it is to be out of commission for the last six months, not being able to walk for a long time and suffering the most excruciating lower back spasms on at least four separate occasions, it's almost worth it to really know now what it means to have my health. I can walk now without any pain at all, and I am so incredibly grateful for that. No more ice packs, no more painkillers... I'm free!

Last week I finished a six-week physical rehab program that had me working out three times a week with a kinesiologist and I feel great. My chronic back pain is almost gone and I feel almost normal again. I'm also in the best shape I've been since I fell and I'm thrilled to be on the fast-track to being in even better health than I was before. 

The silver lining to any injury is the appreciation gained when one recovers and feels fully alive again. Last week I signed up for a seven-day yoga pass and went religiously, trying all the different classes and moving and stretching and bending in ways I hadn't done in ages. It hurt like hell, yet I always felt good afterwards. I think yoga is going to save me. Of course, so is walking and regular workouts that focus on building core strength. I can't wait to be able to do a one-arm push-up!

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