Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vegan week – Day 1

Today I started a seven-day vegan challenge. No meat, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy, or honey for one week. Having been vegetarian since April 1, the only things I've had to cut out for this week are eggs and dairy, which isn't that hard to do. Granted, it's only been one day... 

Unfortunately I forgot the local grocery store is closed Sundays, so today I had to make do with the ingredients I had in the house, which weren't too fancy. 

Breakfast – one orange, half an apple, and this:
NutriBullet smoothie: 1 banana, 2 inches cucumber, 3 large chunks watermelon, 1/2 apple, handful frozen blueberries, tbsp ground chia seeds. 
Lunch – bowl of MSG, but I added fresh greens:
Mr. Noodles (oriental = artificial beef flavour), with fresh chopped broccoli, kale, and Sriracha hot sauce.

Dinner – another poor man's staple: 
Honey baked beans and rice.
Not the best meals I've ever had, but it could be worse. Tomorrow is another day, though, and I'll be heading to the grocery to find some more variety to keep things interesting. Whatever I end up eating, even if it's the same thing every day this week, I'm not concerned about nutritional deficiencies. According to at least one doctor, seven days on a vegan diet is not enough to develop any deficiencies, no matter what you're eating. So I'm going to take this day by day and try to enjoy the experience. Maybe I'll even learn a couple of great new recipes.

If you want to join me in this vegan challenge, here are a few great resources I've discovered online:

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