Tuesday, November 21, 2017

10 Years of Bucket Listing

Almost 10 years ago (February 2008) I posted the first note on this blog, explaining why I was embarking on a life-long journey to try some stuff and learn some things and become someone. In the last 10 years I've crossed off 21 of my 100 goals, and at least one of those goals has truly altered the course of my life. (Driving across the country in 2013 took me to Newfoundland, where I unexpectedly ended up living for almost two years and made a lot of friends and had an incredible time). I've also run a marathon, shaved my head, read the entire bible, and gone back to school (with the end goal of getting into grad school), among other things that were interesting, challenging, or just plain fun (like the police ride-along). 

Looking back on this decade-long run of dreaming and planning and attempting to get through it, I've realized that while many other goals and dreams have come up that I could add to this list, I'm still feeling jazzed about all these things that I wanted to accomplish, or try, or be at that time, and I still want to do and be and try. In fact, more than ever. I'm down another decade of life and I've gotten only one fifth of the way through my life list... I'd better get on the fast track! 

And I'm only becoming more and more obsessed by the whole notion of life lists/bucket lists and what it means to set personal goals and challenges to aim for in the time we have on this planet, whether in the short-term or begin a journey of a thousand miles (travelling the world), or 10,000 hours (becoming a proficient writer), or a new life path that will take you through the rest of your days (like becoming a parent). 

Why create a bucket list?

I think a list of life goals gives you an excuse to pursue things that will bring the greatest memories when you're on your deathbed, and which one might not otherwise get around to doing. Or maybe I'm just a list freak who feels it's absolutely necessary to complete any task I put down in writing. 

But whatever the reason, I'm not alone. A lot of people have bucket lists, some of which you can find online, often in the form of a blog like this. It's fun to check out what other people's life goals are. Most common include various international travel goals, earning a certain amount of money and/or starting a business, and an inordinate number of people dream about writing a book. 

Some of the best bucket lists I've found around the web are:


We all have goals and dreams of all kinds, and I think coming up with a list isn't the hard part for most of us. I like the idea that we're all living in a world in which sharing ideas for what kinds of things we want to accomplish in our lives, and sharing ideas on how to go about pursuing these things is becoming easier every day. Not the goals themselves, of course - the doing is always going to be just that - but the ability to aim high and turn ideas into action is now more possible than ever, mostly due to the Internet. Having the ability to communicate and connect with others anywhere on the planet who are pursuing the same things you are is mind-blowing when you really think about it. Anything you're into, there's a place (and an app) for that online. 

I think that's pretty flipping awesome. Anything you want to do, or learn, or acquire, or fix, or share, you can find a way via the world wide web. So there's no stopping you from going after whatever it is you want. Frankly, I think there are only two real obstacles to achieving whatever you happen to have on your life list.

The 2 Things You Need to Accomplish ANYTHING

Ready for it? I honestly think the only two things standing in my way, and in yours, are: 

1. Time

2. Money

Seriously, think about it. What's stopping you from getting crazy fit like you've always wanted to be? Time. And what's stopping you from jetting off to see the world like you've always dreamed of doing? Money.

If you won the lottery you'd have the funds and the freedom from having to work for the funds to pursue whatever goals you might have. (An obvious third requirement for most endeavours is health and vitality, which is why I believe health is imperative and something we should safeguard and promote if we're going to have the energy needed to get things done, but that's a topic for another post.) I truly feel like time and money are the two biggest obstacles to pursuing our bucket lists with a vengeance. I mean, most people have to work to earn the money needed to pursue cool adventures and projects, and most means of income mean trading hours for dollars. So what's the answer?

Smart investing. Crowd funding. Entrepreneurship. Side hustling!

Chris Guillebeau has a great podcast called Side Hustle School, and he recently published his latest best-seller, aptly called Side Hustle. I've been following his awesome quests (such as visiting every country in the world) for years, and have found inspiration in hearing about other regular people on his podcast breaking free of the barriers of time and money by earning multiple streams of income, and even passive income. It's how the above noted successful bucket listers have managed to accomplish all the goals on their lists. They found ways to earn money online, and thereby have both the freedom and the funds to go after the projects and pursuits that really lit their fire. 

So. Here I am, coming up on a decade of this bucket list, and planning to get into high gear to blast through a bunch more items in the next 10 years. It's exciting to dream of the adventures, but even more exciting to make them real. I just need to start a side hustle... more on this very soon!

What's your next bucket list goal, and how are you planning to fund it?

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