Wednesday, September 3, 2008


This week I went back to college to study journalism and moved out of my parents' place for the second (third?) time. Had to go back this evening to pick up a couple of things and was asked to stay for dinner. When I got there my mom said we were having chicken. I reminded her that I am a vegetarian and have been for two weeks, but I when I saw the look on her face I said, ok, yes, I'd eat the chicken she was serving. She looked perturbed, and I figured, I'm hungry, the chicken is dead, and I had no part of its death or the funding of its death. So I ate it.

Can I still call myself a vegetarian? Does this make me a lapsed vegetarian? Does it make me a flexi-tarian? I didn't WANT to eat the chicken. I wouldn't have eaten the chicken under other circumstances (eg. cooking it myself). And I don't plan on eating it again if I can help it.

But at what point can I really call myself a vegetarian? It's a conundrum.

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Interesting to know.