Monday, September 8, 2008

Wanted: The White Whale and The End of the BIG BOOK

That damn whale is still being elusive. I wish Ahab would just find him already and either kill him or die trying, as he claims to want to do. The Pequod has already found and mutilated a bunch of other whales, so what's one more? I'm so done with this book and I've still got about thirty chapters to go. Trying to read one chapter in bed every night. Last night it was all about the carpenter fashioning a new peg leg for the captain out of another whale bone. Enthralling.

Have heard nothing about Queequeg for a while. Maybe he and Ishmael are no longer enjoying each other's company as they did back in their cozy bed in Nantucket. A falling out over some petty thing or another. Shame really. Queequeg was such a gentle cannibal.

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