Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A month of Shakespeare

How many plays did Shakespeare write? I've read Romeo & Juliet, Measure for Measure,and A Midsummer Night's Dream in high school, and Coriolanus, Anthony & Cleopatra and MacBeth when I was at university, but that's about it. I know there are many more.

This weekend I saw Othello at Bard on the Beach, and it was great. I wish I could see all the plays there every summer. While the story wasn't all that exciting (the whole plot centres on Iago's revenge, which seems to have no motive), the acting was great.

Now that I've got an idea of what the play is about I'm going to go back and read it.

I think a nice subtitle for Othello, if they would have had subtitles in Shakespeare's day, would be The Whore and the Hankerchief.

After I read Othello, I'm going to see how many plays I can read this month. And hopefully see another play at Bard before the season is over.

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