Saturday, August 8, 2009

Second Amendment

I've changed my goal of getting a pilot's license to simply "fly in a fighter jet."

Two reasons: first, although I got my "co-pilot's" license when I was 17 and enjoyed the course, I'm not such a fan of aircraft that I feel a deep enough desire to commit the time and money it would take to become qualified to fly myself.

Second, the Abbotsford Airshow is on today, and I've been watching the fighter jets zooming around the sky outside my place and have realized it would be a major thrill to be in one of those things going that fast, doing those crazy turns. Serious fun.

So, I think I will make that my goal. I want to ride in one of those one day. I've been in countless jets, and a couple of times I got to ride in small four and six-seaters. A good time, but not the sort of thing I think I really need to make a life goal.

The next time I get in a plane I hope it's with the intention of jumping out of it with a parachute.

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