Sunday, November 29, 2009


Last night I saw my first live hockey game, right here in Merritt. The Centennials were playing the Quesnel Millionaires and beat them 6-5 in overtime. It was pretty exciting, considering the Cents haven't won an away game this season, and I was fully expecting them to lose at home, too. Seeing hockey live rather than on TV is pretty cool. You don't get all the close-ups, but it is great to be right near the action. It's cold and you can hear the scritch of skates on the ice, and the whack of the puck against sticks and sideboards. Also, any aggression is a lot more in your face. There were no fights, but definitely a lot of pushing into the boards and falling. Good thing they wear pads and helmets. Standing up, cheering and clapping and getting right into the spirit of the game was the best. You can't really do that in your living room, so I can see the appeal of going to watch a game. I'm no hard-core hockey fan, but seeing the Canucks play at GM Place would rock.

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