Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A long walk

Whenever I start something new, whatever it is, I get antsy after a while and start thinking about how great it would be to go somewhere else and do something different.

My thoughts, as I sit at my desk at work, often drift to the depths of a lush rain forest where I can be alone with just a big backpack and a rolled up mat to sleep on and a journal to write in.

Mostly, I just want to be moving and away from real life for a while.

The reality of this, I suppose, is a very long hike, like the Pacific Crest Trail, or the Apalachian Trail. Obviously this would not be a good time of year to drop everything and run off to find myself in the woods, but if I can get time off next summer I think I'd really like to pursue this fantasy.

I can imagine how difficult and even lonely it might be at times, especially if I were to attempt a few weeks worth of the trail, but I think it would be worth it. I've heard from people who have done it that it is worth it, for sure.

Big trees, fresh air, a long path that doesn't end and a chance to think and walk all day. Sounds good to me.

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