Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby steps

So I've crossed off a few items from my list, and will be able to cross off a few more this year, for sure. Grand Canyon next month. Check. Scarf finished by Christmas. Check. No TV for a year. June 1, check.

I've been running off and on since last summer, though more off than on, and I've signed up for a 5 km race in Vancouver on March 13. No plans to beat my PR of 28:30, but it's something to train for. Should be fun to wear green and have a pint afterward with my friend Mike.

The scarf is not going so well, however. I figured out purl and plain (they seem to be the exact same anyway) and I've been doing a section with the "rib stitch." But there are holes and I've missed a couple of loops and in some parts I obviously added a few stitches because the whole thing isn't quite even. The biggest problem is that it's way too wide, which means it's taking me literally double the time it should. Ah, well. It's my first knitting project. At least it will be warm.

Can't wait to go to Vegas. Never been, and though I don't drink, smoke or gamble, I'm sure it will be something to see with my best friend, Lindsay. And... we have a day trip planned for the Grand Canyon. Better not forget my camera!

Taking lots of photos for work, but my photography skills still have a ways to go.

Still trying to locate a cow to milk. This is harder than it sounds.

So it's baby steps with my life list, but I'm making some headway. Who knows what other opportunities may come up this year? Maybe I will find that elusive cow. Maybe I'll earn that nifty nickname.

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