Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 km PR - 56:27

Yesterday I ran the Summerfast 10 km at Stanley Park with two friends, and got my best time yet for that distance - 56:27. The course was flat, so it was easier than the one in Abbotsford, but there was only one water station, so that added a challenge. Good run, though. Surprised my knees didn't hurt at all either during or after the race (is it all in my head, anyway?)

Hadn't run for about a week before because my knees were hurting, and was starting to doubt my ability to run a half marathon in the fall. But it's all good now. If I can do 10 km in under an hour, I can do a half marathon, no sweat. Well, some sweat, but no injuries. I've no time goal, just a solid run and a good finish.

Last night I watched Without Limits, the Billy Crudup/Donald Sutherland fick about Steve Prefontaine. Not the best film in the world, but Donald Sutherland has an AMAZINGLY good monologue, and the story is still pretty inspiring.

I'm going to scale back on the number of runs I do every week, and only start upping the distance towards the end of August. I do need to start cross-training asap, however.

Strong quads = no knee pain.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Marelle! That's great! I'm not much of a runner, so I can't even imagine myself running 1 km let alone 10.

I have really weak quads too and I can feel it in my knees when my legs end up in a position that requires more strength to help me stand up or do whatever. Sometimes I think my knees will just buckle, tho I only really experience that when I'm doing Bikram's Yoga because there is a posture that targets those specific muscles.