Monday, July 5, 2010

Half Marathon Plan

On Saturday I started training for a half marathon, which will be on Oct. 10 (10/10/10). Haven't signed up and paid to register yet, because I still don't quite know I'll be able to run that far (21.09 km), but the training schedule seems do-able.

Then again, I've only just started training, and I've never run farther than 10 km. Ever. The plan is the 14 week "just in time," which makes me wonder, when SHOULD I have started training??

But running is still fun so far, and, fingers crossed, I've not been injured or really sore at all. I hope to keep it that way.

Some things I've discovered about running in the last few months:

1. It's easier to run with music than without.

2. Some songs are better than others at keeping up the inspiration, and it's not always the ones you'd expect.

3. I should really carry a tape recorder with me when I hit the road because I have grand thoughts while I'm jogging, but forget them as soon as I take off my runners.

4. Running ALWAYS sucks in the beginning and ALWAYS feels incredibly awesome by the end.

I know I'll be able to finish the half if I train right and don't over-do it, but I have to admit I'm worried about injuring my knees or something before I even get to the start line. But if I'm ever going to run a marathon, I guess I have to start with a half. If I can't do that, well, then, at least I'll know.

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