Friday, December 3, 2010

Running clinic

Today I went to the Runner's Den in Port Moody to sign up for their half marathon training clinic, which starts Jan. 2. The race will be the BMO Vancouver Marathon, May 1, 2011.

The guy at the counter was tall and clearly a runner. Thin, super chilled but with a friendly smile powered by endorphins and (most likely) a vegan diet. There were two women ahead of me with matching white ball caps, long running jackets with reflective tape, black tights and flashy new runners. They looked like they were either total noobs or marathon elite. I'm looking forward to getting to know these people.

When they were finished signing up it was my turn, and then I asked about getting new running shoes. For the past few years I've been replacing my worn runners with exactly the same shoe, the Saucony Triumph. The newest one is the Triumph 7, which I'm hoping Santa will have placed neatly wrapped under the tree on Dec. 25. Nice sales guy said I will get 15 per cent off because I've registered for the clinic. When I lef the store the sun was shining. It's been a good day. Time for a run!


katie said...

There are several things on your list I can help you with. Come home! (I mean, come here... obviously.)
I will help you, at very least, with the original art (you didn't specify that it be good or famous) the cow milking, the five course meal and the push ups. I am NOT going to burning man, for that you are on your own.

marelle said...

Katie, that would be AWESOME if you could help me knock off some of these goals! I'll have to come visit you in the spring. Can't wait!