Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Running Thirsty

I used to run without water, but now it's impossible. Weird what your body gets used to. Strange what will happen if you let it get soft.

Today I ran 45 minutes and didn't bring my water belt with me. Since I've been training for a marathon I've brought water with me, and I guess my body just got used to having it. Within the first five minutes today I was thinking only of how sticky the inside of my mouth felt and how great it would be to have a sip of cold water. The entire run, I was spitting and gagging on thick saliva, toying with the idea of getting down on my hands and knees at the ditch along the side of the trail. The still water under dappled shadows in the forest looked incredible, and it's not something I usually notice. It's not especially hot and it's kind of overcast, but I was sweating something fierce. Every time I wiped my forehead I thought of all the water I was losing out of my pores. I wonder how much liquid we actually sweat out when we run?

Well, I made it home and had a tall glass of water at the kitchen sink before I'd even taken off my shoes. I can't imagine how Aaron Ralston felt after so many days without a drop to drink. What a nightmare. I'll remember to take my water belt with me next run. Even if it's just a short one.

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