Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Finished Ezekiel yesterday. This is another prophet who prophesies doom and gloom for the Isrealites. He wrote his book after his people were captured and carted off to Babylon, himself included. Ezekiel is a guy who, by today's standards, would probably be considered crazy because he had all kinds of visions. The most amazing one is that in which he sees the rise of the Jews after their death, starting with their bones rising up and becoming covered in flesh and skin and then having the breath of life breathed back into them by God.

The best way to sum up the book, I'd say, is with the often repeated line, "Then you will know that I am the Lord," after Ezekiel describes some terrible catastrophe that will befall those in Jerusalem for their sins.

It's another long-ish book, filled with visions and a few chapters that repeat ad nauseum the exact measurements of the temple once it will be restored.

**NEXT: Daniel

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