Sunday, May 6, 2012

30-Day Photo Challenge

I got the Canon 7D for making sweet videos, and it turns out it's pretty good at taking sweet still shots, too. Not wanting to waste my camera's capacity for sweetness, nor allow my photography skills acquired in journalism school to wither, I've decided to take it upon myself to take some pics every day and post the best on Facebook (one frame per day). I started the project on May 1, which means I've got six pics now. Here's today's best shot, taken at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody:

My bucket list includes #91 - Take a photograph good enough to frame... I realize now this is rather vague, because technically, I've accomplished this already, what with an engagement photo already framed and hanging on the wall in my brother's house...

But I think if I'm specific about this goal, it's to really get a handle on the technicalities of shutter speed, aperture setting and ISO setting, and be able to know just how to set the camera and how to frame a subject so I can get a really amazingly sweet shot. I want to feel like a pro, knowing I can at any moment get my camera set up in five seconds to be ready for the shot as soon as I see it. Then, I dunno, maybe I'll know I can cross this one off the list when someone's wiling to pay for the framed photo. Maybe that's the goal.

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