Thursday, May 2, 2013

Climbing again

Took the plunge tonight after work and bought a month-long membership to the climbing gym, plus a six-week intro to climbing course that starts next weekend. I may have made a foolish mistake, thinking I can jump back into this intense sport again, but what the hell, maybe the $300 investment will guilt me into not skipping a workout. I'm planning to boulder Tuesdays, Thursdays and top rope on the weekends. Also started tonight with some push-ups and sit-ups (like 20 each, which is just sad) and will do that nightly to build core strength. Right now my abs are about as strong as day-old kittens.

Mostly, I'm just hoping to have a lot of fun exercising, though, 'cause I just really can't bear the thought of having to force myself to go running or go to the gym and thinking the whole time just about getting in shape. Why not have a good time and have the fitness part be a side note?

Keen to see how much I can improve in the next six weeks...

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