Thursday, August 1, 2013


Climbed at the gym for what may be my last time before heading to the great outdoors to try a route on real rock. The idea scares the poop out of me, thus it must be done!

I'm climbing 10.c routes now at the gym and I even tried a gnarly 10.d last night and only had to fall about three times before making it through the crux. And, I think my belayer may have helped me a little 'cause my harness felt pretty darn snug... but still, I'm getting better consistently. But on Tuesday morning I'm heading up to Fort Saint John for two weeks to hang out with a dear friend who lives there... and there's no climbing gym in town or anywhere near town. What a bummer. 

Hopefully I'll not lose too much strength in that time. Maybe I'll buy a pull-up bar. 

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