Sunday, April 6, 2014

The problem with vegetarians

So there's a ton of information and recipes online for eating vegetarian. The problem is that vegetarians – as far as my initial perusal of the blogosphere suggests – is that vegetarians are all foodies and snobs. And don't even get me started on vegans.

Just because I don't want to eat meat doesn't mean I don't want to some simple ideas for dinner. Why does every vegetarian blogger assume people want to spend their evenings following a recipe for curried red lentil quinoa salad with cilantro-mint chutney? And what the hell is a tetrazzini? What's wrong with spaghetti and tomato sauce? Isn't there a Vegetarianism for Dummies?

A 30 second Google search later... 

...ok, yes, indeed there is a Vegetarianism For Dummies. But it's basically just a few pointers on eating nuts and fruit and it's essentially just a teaser for the book. I don't want to buy the book. Where can I find simple vegetarian meal ideas that don't include things I can't pronounce? 

This weekend my diet's been pretty poor. 

Yesterday and today for breakfast/lunch I had: 

  • blueberry bagel with cream cheese 
  • fried egg with mayo and salsa
  • cup of coffee with cream 

For dinner last night I had:
  • fish 'n chips with mayo on the side. Very greasy. 
  • I skipped dinner tonight 'cause I just wasn't hungry and couldn't be bothered to spend any time in the kitchen. Oh, I had a piece of cake my roommate made, so I guess that was dinner. 

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