Sunday, May 18, 2014

Comfort food

Just because the word "vegetarian" comes from the word "vegetable" doesn't mean vegetarians all eat a healthy, balanced, nutrient-rich diet. Far from it. Cutting meat from your meals is great if you're eating a variety of plant-based foods and limiting processed foods, but there can be a downside to eliminating animal protein from your diet, especially on a long-term basis.

For the past week I've not been grocery shopping and haven't given cooking much thought because my back has taken a turn for the worse (spasming three times, one episode actually landing me in the ER) and I've been eating pretty poorly as a result. 

For example, sugary cereal for dinner tonight:
Cocoa Puffs with whole milk.

The problem with comfort food is that it's comforting but almost never good for you. I've managed to avoid meat and fish, sure, but I'm definitely not eating enough fruit and vegetables, and I've even gone back to coffee in the last few days just because I was feeling sorry for myself and wanted a pick-me-up. And sugar is still a staple. I wish broccoli gave me the same satisfaction that cookies do, but alas, the truth is, I've been eating like a five year-old left alone without adult supervision and it's surely not doing me any good as I try to heal my back. I've even slacked off on my regular supplements – vitamins, glucosamine, and omega-3 fish oil. 

But this is a new week, and I'm planning to get back on track with at least two pieces of fruit a day and will try to cut back on the sugar and caffeine as of tomorrow. 

As for exercising, I'm back to simply stretching daily, so I've put the Convict Conditioning on hold for now. 

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