Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Vegan week – Day 3

Another day without animal stuff on my menu. I'm not so much missing animal products as I am frustrated by the amount of foods (processed, anyway) that contain animal products. EVERYTHING is made from or with milk. So many things contain cheese powder or gelatin. I went to a cute little market this evening with a friend who made me dinner at her place, and I was going to get something for dessert but gave up and took salad because nothing sweet seems to be made just from plants... But the dinner was super tasty. Who knew lentils could be so satisfying? Maybe it was the garlic. Anyway, here's what I ate the rest of today...

Breakfast – same as yesterday:
Quick oats, almond milk, handful raw hemp hearts, handful frozen berries.
Lunch – same as Sunday:
Mr. Noodles (veggie) with fresh chopped broccoli, spinach, onion, Sriracha hot sauce.
Dinner – homemade Pakistani comfort food: 
Daal Chawal (lentils and rice) with garden salad. 
Besides the chips, the other snacks I had today were the rest of the Finnish liquorice (about a handful), and apples and oranges. I could get used to this increase in fruit and veg in my diet but, man, it's hard to avoid milk. Once I'm finished the vegan week I'm going to go for a nice big ol' cheesy pizza pie and a cup of extra creamy hot chocolate!

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