Thursday, January 15, 2015

Fitness update – Jan. 15

On Dec. 31 I made a mini resolution to exercise every day for 30 days starting Jan. 1. So far, so good – I'm halfway there. 
Exercise has meant a two-hour hike, a one-hour yoga class, some long city walks (min. 30 minutes), but most often a trip to the gym for 45 minutes of hard cardio (bike, elliptical, or stair climber) followed by another 20 minutes of weights. Mostly, my inspiration to get into this routine came from the book Younger Next Year. Whatever works, right? I know it's not a major accomplishment – exercising daily for a couple of weeks – but dammit, it sure is better than nothing. Starting small and building a foundation is working for me and I feel good about it. I was definitely not exercising every day in the last year or so. To be fair, I was on disability for about six months last year after a back injury, but now that I've recovered, there's no excuse. Exercise simply has to be a priority if you're into being fully alive. 

I'd left off Convict Conditioning a few months ago, and getting back into it, I've discovered I'm set back, but not by as much as I'd expected. Here's what I can do at this point:

And I can bench press two sets of 12... just the bar (45 lbs.). I'll see how much progress I can make in the next two weeks.

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