Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fitness Update – Jan. 31

Well, that went to hell in a hand basket pretty quick. My 30-day exercise plan was off to a roaring start the first two weeks of January – I had a perfect record for daily exercise up to Jan. 15, and then on the 16th I spent the night in the bathroom with food poisoning, so the day after that I just sat on the couch rehydrating. The next day I still felt fairly gross and only went for a walk, and then because the I'd lost momentum and enthusiasm, I only exercised seven out of the next 14 days. So much for the 30 consecutive days goal. 

Still, I'm not going to call this a total failure, since 23 out of 30 is 77 per cent, which is basically a B. And for me, that's a decent grade.  If I'd never set this goal I probably would have done a grand total of zero days of exercise this month. As a friend of mine likes to say:

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