Monday, April 18, 2016

West Coast Trail reserved!

Tonight I sat in front of my laptop, after punching in the dates for our reservation on the West Coast Trail, along with the digits of my credit card, and I hesitated. What if we can't do the hike because of a work or school conflict? What if I can't afford to pay for all the equipment I'm going to need? What if my IT band flares up just before we're set to go or, worse, ON the hike? What if...? 

What a waste of time hesitating is! What a waste of life our doubting moments all add up to! As one fine wordsmith put it:

"Our doubts are traitors,
and make us lose the good
we oft might win by
fearing to attempt." – Will Shakespeare

Adriana and I are scheduled to embark on the WCT Sept. 18 – exactly five months from today. That gives us five months to get in shape, beg, borrow, or steal all the equipment we're going to need, and research all the tips and tricks online from those who've gone before us. And, of course, five months to look forward to a week in heaven. What if... it's one of the best weeks of my life? Carpe Diem, baby!

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