Monday, May 9, 2016

Lynn Loop

Yesterday Adriana and I set off early to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, to hike the gorgeous Lynn Loop (we went as far as the Third Debris Chute, which is a 12 km circular route, but it's possible to turn off early and do half that, or, if you have all day, to keep going all the way over to the peak of Grouse Mountain!). 
The trail follows a gentle incline through the forest before turning back and following the shore of the stunningly beautiful Lynn Creek. Both Adriana and I kept exclaiming, "Look at the light on those ferns!" and "Wow, this is so pretty," and basically couldn't quite get over how lovely it was to be in the woods on a sunny Sunday morning, with the birds singing, and the leaves an almost supernatural green. 

There really is no better place to be in the world than the North Shore mountains on days like these, especially when you can stretch your legs and work up a bit of a sweat on the inclines. Feeling pretty good about our hiking progress – and looking forward to exploring more trails and peaks as the weather continues to work in our favour!

Next step is to start doing short, steep hikes, like the BCMC, and then longer treks, like the Diez Vistas, to test our endurance. 

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