Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bible for Dummies

Decided to get some help figuring out what the Old Testament is really all about. I figured a "Dummies" book would be most neutral. It's written by a couple of PhD guys with purely academic interest in the Word. I've read the intro and the first section on Genesis, and I've gotta say, although I have a somewhat better understanding of the narrative, even the authors of this book, whom you would assume know this text in depth, can't explain what's up with the incest incident or why God decided to make circumcision necessary.

The Bible truly is a mystery, and perhaps will always be.

Well, if nothing else, it's definitely keeping my attention for the stories. The setting in Egypt, the lives full of deception, murder, jealousy, but also grace, trust, love and compassion, and the quest for a promised land... I can see why so many stories are based on the Bible. And now onto Exodus!

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